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Voice Obsessed

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A good first impression can add volumes to the way another person perceives us. Not only with the way we look, but also in the way we sound. A mere sentence while we exchange greetings can leave a new associate with a very keen judgement on the type of person they believe we might be.

Without considering the language one may speak, but rather a strong command of that language, and how we deliver it while we converse. This will speak volumes towards our character and confidence.

One does not necessarily have to know archaic terms or impressively difficult words to get a point across or to have left an ineradicable feeling and impression on another.

The mere sound of one’s voice and the tone in which we deliver it has a vast influence and impact of what we say, and what we are talking about.

A commanding tone of voice for example can leave a listener in the state of complete belief; while an unsure or soft tone might do the exact opposite.

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