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It was the year 2010 when our founder Ramona Samuels first took serious interest in the marvels of the recording studio.  After being asked to voice quick radio commercials to help support her friend’s party promoting efforts; she realized that her tone of voice was easy to listen to and ideal for the craft. Her ability to mimic a plethora of accents would then bring much attention to her from DJ’s and promoters on the shores of Jamaica and internationally. This new approach was not common practice in Jamaica. Ramona was now a pioneer in her field.

After gaining much experience in the voice acting industry, she decided it was time to register and start an actual business which would prove to be profitable. The Voicebox was then born on September 2, 2010, literally weeks after her first recording effort. This business style and service became Jamaica’s first multi-accented voice acting agent. With new talent added to the team, advertisers can expect an even greater variety when seeking that ideal voice or character to spearhead their campaigns.

The Voicebox now offers not only voice over but also charming personalities for live event hosting, children for commercials, and
coming soon are new languages and short film production.

We recommend this wide spread service offer to you. Let us work to make your next advertising campaign another attention grabber!